Dragonfly Bed & Breakfast: A Hidden Gem In Antioch

Dragonfly Bed & Breakfast offers a wide variety of accommodation options. Whether you are looking for a relaxing weekend getaway or a venue for a small event, you’re sure to fall in love with this bed and breakfast as much as we did when we stayed. 

About Antioch, IL

Before I talk about the bed & breakfast itself, I want to highlight the town it’s located in. Situated two hours from the heart of Chicago, Antioch gives you the chance to slow down and enjoy the nature that Illinois has to offer. 

A short main street filled with wonderful shops and restaurants, as well as an incredibly welcoming community, all led me to fall in love with this charming little town. During our stay, we spent a morning walking around and enjoying all the shops main street had to offer, as well as grabbing some tea from The Open Mic coffee and tea house. 

The Innkeeper

We had a wonderful time with our Innkeeper, Sherri Gronerti, and it was clear that she put her heart and soul into the bed and breakfast. She truly is built to be an innkeeper and is so welcoming to everyone who walks through the door.

Over the weekend, we got to learn more about Sherri and the many people she has hosted throughout her time, and met her adorable co-innkeeper Rosie (pictured below!)

Via The Dragonfly Bed & Breakfast Facebook

As well as being an expert on the town’s history, Sherri also has a wealth of knowledge about everything that can be done and seen in this beautiful town, so you can count on her suggestions for your visit.

The Bed & Breakfast

Dragonfly Bed & Breakfast has a rich background in the towns history, while it was only opened as a bed and breakfast 5 years ago, the house has been standing since 1885

From the moment we arrived at the bed & breakfast, Sherri was an absolutely wonderful host. She gave us a small tour of the house, which consisted of the dining room, the spacious living room stacked with books and board games (that we unfortunately didn’t get the chance to use this trip), the billiard room – which included a piano that my partner loved getting the chance to play – and finally up to our room. 

We had decided on the daffodil room for our stay, as we were exploring quite a bit and the room offered the perfect amount of space that we needed. When we got into the room, we found that the host had freshly baked cookies ready for us, as well as a communal coloring book that we could fill a page out of during our stay. 

As we began to get settled in, Sherri gave us some wonderful recommendations for dinner as we had arrived later than expected and were starting to get hungry. She even had all the restaurants menus laminated and accessible in every room! 

We had a good dinner, and after we returned, Sheri asked us what time we wanted for breakfast and we let her know the time we wanted. After that, my partner and I took some time to sit in the gorgeous dining room and catch up on some work before we left, as we knew we had a busy week ahead of us.

The next morning, we got up bright and early as we were heading into Chicago for the day, and Sheri had a full breakfast ready for us – the offerings included a delicious mushroom omelet, breakfast potatoes, bacon, and a freshly baked muffin. 

After our filling breakfast, we headed out into Chicago, which I will be outlining in another blog soon, and then headed to my friend’s final celebration before the wedding the next day. After the celebrations had winded down, we headed back to the Dragonfly and got a good night’s sleep.

That night, another couple was staying at the bed and breakfast as well, so we got the chance to meet them at breakfast –  which was a delicious strawberry french toast with fresh maple syrup! – the couple was there to celebrate Memorial Day weekend up in Lake Geneva and relax at the bed and breakfast. 

The next morning, when we checked out, we enjoyed one final breakfast in the dining room, which included a tasty lemon roll as well as cheesy breakfast potatoes with ham included inside. After we ate, we brought our luggage down to the car and my partner enjoyed playing the piano for Sheri and her friend as I finished the coloring page. 

The last parting gift Sheri left me was a coloring book and freshly sharpened pencils since I had mentioned in passing that it had been a while since I had colored.

As a whole, Sheri pays attention to every detail to make the guests feel as though they are already part of her family, and the beauty and comfort of the rooms further enhance the experience. After the wonderful 3 days we spent there, The Dragonfly Bed & Breakfast has a piece of my heart and I will certainly be coming back.

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